Tuesday, February 7, 2012

About ...

 The name is Ronnie, I love animals, and my mission in life is to help where help is needed.  It sums up just about everything you will ever have to know about me.

 A person can have many pivotal periods in their lifetime.  Last year was one of those periods.  Rather than wallow in self-pity I joined two amazing organizations.  The first was the Tehama County Animal Care Center where I volunteer.  The other organization is P.E.T.S. (Providing Essentials for Tehama Shelter).  If you have not heard of them, then a bit about how these two small entities are trying to do big things.

 The Tehama County Animal Care Center has been trying to save the lives of as many of the animals that come through its doors as it possibly can.  However, like countless smaller government funded organizations, in these economic hard times, they need help a great deal of help.  This need for help is what motivated a group of dedicated animal lovers to establish P.E.T.S. (Providing Essentials for Tehama Shelter).  This group works diligently to assist in providing the Center with whatever is needed for the numerous animals that more than frequently arrive.

 Because of my involvement with these two entities, I have had the pleasure of seeing many meaningful partnerships with other various organizations and businesses form.  All of whom are also extremely committed to improving the lives of animals not only in Tehama County but in other areas as well.

 I truly believe most people care about the animals with which they live.  Given a chance, I also believe most people want to do what is right and needed and will get involved.  Therefore, I believe most people can make a huge difference in the lives of the animals existing around them.

 Over the coming months, it is my desire this blog becomes an area where animal care centers/shelters, sanctuaries, rescuers, transporters, and animal lovers can meet, exchange ideas and perhaps work together to make an even bigger difference in our and our sister communities.

 I hope all of us can discuss the current issues as they pertain to animal welfare.  There are many success stories about the joys of adoption, rescue, and/or rehabilitation to be shared among us.  The frustration and sadness felt when we feel we failed to save one of our precious charges needs telling too.  We can exchange information, encourage each other, and provide comfort when needed.  Perhaps most of all, we can give the many abandoned, homeless, and neglected animals in the community a voice, where previously there was none.

 Last year was pivotal.  This one can be too.


  1. Good for you Ronnie! Good for you!

    We are long distance friends of Tehama Co Animal Care Center as we are owned by one of your Alum, Mojo. We just love you guys! Keep doing the good work you are doing


    1. Thank you...It's great to have friends :-)...I know everyone would love to see some updated pictures of Mojo... the question is always asked- "I wonder how____ is doing"... to the staff and volunteers alike, the animals that come in become a part of our extended family ... they may be out of sight...but never out of mind!

  2. I am definately in :) what a great idea.

  3. Thank you Terri... I love having everyone exchange ideas and stories... we can always learn from each other :-)