Sunday, September 23, 2012


Shelters are often hard for people to visit.  The thought, whether imagined or real, of seeing animals in need and possibly suffering, is more than many can bear.  Advertisements shown on TV pleading for donations often also do nothing but reinforce that our shelters are dismal, sad places where one would fear to venture.

It is true that the animals that come in often have had exceedingly hard lives, and the stories they would tell could they speak would bring tears to many an eye.  Yet there is cause for celebration.  The place at which they have arrived, the Tehama County Animal Care Center, is doing their best to make life better for all those that enter its doors.

This past week is quite representative of that.  While the steady stream of pets coming in did not diminish, a staff of committed workers, devoted volunteers, and dedicated rescue organizations worked diligently to find homes for those already housed.  In addition, they continue to insure that those remaining are well protected and cared for.  Medical needs are met, a clean environment is scrupulously maintained, healthy food given on a consistent basis, and perhaps most of all, the animals are not only shown affection but also respectWith diligence, the animals are walked and played with; everyone involved hoping to provide a measure of what a nurturing family might do.

We celebrate this past week because forty-one (41) animals were either adopted or rescued.  For this to happen at the Tehama County Animal Care Center is a fantastic event.  It is not a large organization, nor is it in a community of millions of people with abundant resources at hand.  As a community we need to be proud of what all the people involved have accomplished.  

I would like you to meet some of the former residents of your animal shelter.  A few of the animals that now have a second chance at a rewarding life.  In addition, perhaps in celebrating with us, you may change your mind and realize that not all shelters are alike.  Perhaps, with that realization, stepping through this one’s doors will not be as hard as you once thought it was

They would like you to visit.


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