Monday, September 3, 2012


Mixed ancestry is a part of who many of us are.  If we go back in lineage far enough, even those of us who are “purebred” will probably find that our ancestors are a mixed lot too.  When asked about our heritage, more often than not we describe ourselves as a Heinz 57.  In the world of dogs and cats, we are Mutts or Moggies.

Often I have heard a person say their wonderful pet "Is just a mutt."  This very creature has possibly brought many hours of joy and necessary comfort to his owner.  Moreover, in times of need, these same animals have offered protection and unfailing commitment.

Frequently looked upon with disdain  are animals not deemed pedigreed, as if not being of pure descent is somehow inferior.  Yet, pureness of linage does not necessarily equate to being exemplary.  Like humans, many factors come into play.  The way one is raised, life experiences gone through and even environment all play a part in personality formationPure genes do not necessarily mean good ones.

To many, shelter animals are less than perfect.  The reasoning utilized is that the animals would not end up in the system if they were without problems.  Even members in my own family, though I am ashamed to admit it, have voiced their feelings regarding the inferiority of mutts & moggies.  I do find a sense of humor in it, however, since they are of the Heinz variety too.

My pets, both dogs and cats, are either rescues or past shelter residents.  Each animal is unique in its personality and I see each one as beautiful and very special.  Though other people consider a few “purebred”, they are all mutts and moggies to me.

Our country's shelters are inundated with animals.  Each day more arrive and, unfortunately, not all are rescued and/or adopted.  It is a harsh reality, one many choose to ignore.  Has fate dealt an ugly hand to only mutts and moggies?  No, many coming into the shelter system are of the "pure" pedigree often bred to excess because of fashion or fad.  They too have the same chances as their mixed counterparts.  It is because of this equality in a shelter the Blog is named.  Under one roof, with uncertain future they are all either mutts or moggies.

The abandoned, homeless, and abused dogs and cats desperately need our human voice to help them.  I believe all of us other mutts are the ones to do it!


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