Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Impossible Dream

Man's inhumanity to man is not new.  Since the beginning of time cruelty has abound.  The forms are many, the stories legendary.  Yet I cannot say I am shocked.  Perhaps, the years have taken their toll.  I have no answers, nor can I justify the feelings.  However, what I do know is when I see the same cruelty or worse done to an innocent that cannot defend itself, my anger is without limit.

Daily I view rescue sights, Facebook pages, etc. and daily my blood boils in rage.  Starving dogs, burnt cats, the stories too numerous, the stories too horrific.  I want nothing more than to take each one of these pathetic hurt creatures into my arms and whisper in their ear that they are protected, they are safe.

However, we all know that it is impossible for one person to make right the injustice done to all the injured, abused creatures in this world.  Nevertheless, we also know one voice can speak up; one action can help one animal.  If one can do it, just imagine what a hundred voices can do, what a thousand actions can accomplish.  If we keep multiplying, the results could be phenomenal!

There will always be cruelty, there will always be abuse, and there will always be those that simply do not care.  If we are not one of the offenders then inaction on our part will make us as guilty those who inflict their vile damage.  For silence on our part is tacit acceptance of the actions we state we cannot abide.

To help right these injustices is not being Don Quixote fighting windmills.  It is only impossible if we believe it is.


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