Tuesday, January 8, 2013


P.E.T.S is willing to pay for the spay or neuter of all Pit Bulls ADOPTED or RESCUED from the Tehama County Animal Care Center this week 1/8-1/12 only!! 

That means adoption fees for ALL Pit Bulls is $45 dollars!!! Please, if you cannot adopt or rescue, tell all your friends! The Tehama County Animal Care Center are exceedingly FULL and space available is almost non-existent! Strays are being brought in quicker than the animals can be adopted or rescued out !!   Without help this is a situation that can have an exceedingly poor outcome for some of these animals.

Again, this offer is open to anyone who can ADOPT or RESCUE one of the wonderful Pit Bulls at the Tehama County Animal Care Center!!

Please check out some of the many wonderful dogs available !!


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