Wednesday, June 4, 2014


For “Senior Make A Difference Day” we would like to thank the following seniors from Red Bluff High School for the fantastic work they did this past Monday and Tuesday!  They truly made a difference, not only with regard to their beautification efforts at the Tehama County Animal Care Center, but also in the lives of the many cats 
and dogs resided within its walls.  

They planted shrubs along the outside of the Center.  

The grounds, received an extra special touch with the weeding and raking. 

 In addition, a number of dogs (as well as the kitties) were bathed and groomed.

 Plus, most of the animals received that extra special attention in the form of hugs, walks and petting that they absolutely love!

These seniors made a difference… and you deserve a BIG THANK YOU SHOUT from all of us at the Tehama County Animal Care Center and P.E.T.S.

Red Bluff High School Seniors:
Alisa Milroy
Brittany Swenson
Dylan Lee Dorman
Giovanni Reyes
Haley Summers
Kadin Oaktree
Kaitlyn Dorman
Kris Monroe
Kristen White
Lacee Lowry
Sabrina Ramirez
Sean White
Shalane Crews

And a special Thank you goes to Clarissa Ortner of P.E.T.S. for donating the shrubs that were planted. We couldn’t have done it without you!


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