Monday, September 22, 2014


"Me!..  Pick me!...  Me!..."

BIG SIGH...  Everyone just keeps walking by.

My name is REED, and for some reason, day after day nobody picks me!   Can’t understand it.  I practice my cuteness in front of the mirror every single day.  Okay, sure I get it, I’m no puppy, but I’m 7 years young, not too large (I’m a svelte 26 pounds) and am practicing my uppity ups for treats (and, if I say so myself, getting pretty good at it!)   I have a pretty good video too:  Bottom line,  you've really gotta admit it, I'm easy on the eyes.   

So, here’s the deal,  I’m at the Tehama County Animal Care Center at 1830 Walnut Street, Red Bluff, CA. (530-527-3439), and during this week’s “There’s No Place Like Home” #Adoption event I even come with a bag of dog food and a toy!   So, how about you share me everywhere, so someone looking for an absolutely handsomely cute dog and forever friend will be able to fall in love with me?  Or, better still, come in and instead of walking by, you could just Adopt me !!!!!!!

Your very smart, handsome forever friend, REED



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