Saturday, September 20, 2014


I'm POWDER from the Tehama County Animal Care Center at 1830 Walnut Street, Red Bluff, CA, and I am the star of my own show “Princess Powder Plays”.  It’s  It’s been in production since the beginning of July and it’s all about how fun, cuddly and affectionate I am!  I especially like to dress up and co-star with kids.

If you're considering casting me, you should know I am about 10 months old, have very nice manners, and I’m healthy!

My best scenes are splashing in a kiddie pool, and I also shine with getting pets and giving butt wiggles. I'm great when the spotlight goes out, too, cause I really like to cuddle and nap -- I bet YOU like that, too!

Want to talk to my agent? Just call 530-527-3439 and my people will talk to your people!  If you want to sign an #ADOPTION  deal anytime between September 22nd and 27th, it won’t cost you very much cause P.E.T.S. is paying for my spay and rabies vaccination (plus they are throwing in some additional perks like dog food and a toy).

Oh, and be sure to share me if I’m not the star for you! You never know where that next great production is happening!

Love and Kisses, POWDER



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