Monday, November 24, 2014


Lately, the news frequently seems dismal at best.  We hear constantly of man’s inhumanity to man and the seven deadly sins appear to be the norm in the world around us.  We often feel that it is virtually impossible for one person to make right any of the injustices done. 

Mason Cooley stated, “Compassion brings us to a stop, and for a moment we rise above ourselves.” Individuals, groups, and businesses came together to accomplish numerous acts of compassion last week.  These random acts of kindness made the world, for many furry companions, become a better place.  The people involved were not only from our immediate community, but spanned the United States.  We may never know the full names of all those involved.  Even if we do not know the individuals, we do know that they rallied together, not for gratitude, but out of concern and unbelievable compassion.

What were the unselfish acts that managed to bring some bright moments into lives that have known their share of bleakness? 

To begin with, our community came together to hold LIFT Tehama, an event which connected people in need with various services.  P.E.T.S. had the great honor of being one of the organizations involved.  People have pets and those pets are often the only forms of companionship on which they can depend.  Unfortunately, some cannot adequately provide everything required for the pets they adore.  As a small organization, we needed help to be able to assist them.  The help came in ways and amounts that stunned us.  Donations of pet food and supplies rolled in.  Volunteers from throughout the area dedicated a great deal of personal time to do all that was required, without question or hesitation.  As a result, over 150 animals were cared for because of everyone’s selfless generosity.  In addition, many other animals will benefit this coming month from food and supplies not used during the event.

The second instance of the unselfish acts of the week was regarding an un-named injured stray mutt brought into the Tehama County Animal Care Center.  He had a fractured pelvis which, to fix, would require expensive surgery, far beyond what the county budget could afford.  In addition, his intensive rehabilitation would require a dedicated foster home for a period of at least six months.  His options were extremely bleak.  “Would anyone step in to help a nameless dog?” was the question of the hour.  Quicker than a lightning strike, word of his plight spread through counties and states.  In less than 36 hours, a foster came forth.  Additionally, through the cooperative fund-raising efforts of organizations in Tehama and Shasta Counties, over twenty-five hundred dollars was raised to pay for his specialized surgery.  The funds donated were by individuals, some of which live as distant as the state of Maine.  Compassion for a no-name stray reached a new level in Tehama County and I believe history was made.

Lastly, but no less impressive, were other random acts of kindness by assorted individuals.  The Tehama County Animal Care Center again found itself the recipient of a number of dogs obtained from a hoarding situation.  A local groomer heard about them and, without a moment’s hesitation, stepped in to give them the grooming they so urgently needed.  Another citizen found puppies abandoned and much too young to live without care.  Acting quickly she gathered the tiny babies and brought them to the Center, thus ensuring their survival.  

In a world filled with troubles, we know that there will always be extreme acts of cruelty and abuse.   However, this past week we saw that one act of compassion, joined with multiple others, can improve lives.  And, for a moment, the world became a much brighter place.


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