Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation

Numerous organizations dedicate themselves to helping those in need.  The individuals who comprise these groups are beacons of light in a dim world.  For the homeless, neglected, and abused animals of Tehama County, these entities are the shelters and rescues that aid them.

This past week was National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week.  Even though it is over, it is never too late to become acquainted with them and their life-saving endeavors.  The organizations listed here are a small portion of the many that work tirelessly in Northern California.  Unfortunately, not all groups throughout the Northern region are included.  Many of those that are not have also aided the animals of Tehama, and their outstanding work is greatly appreciated.

The Tehama County Animal Care Center, Red Bluff, is a small shelter that does big things.  It is the primary location within the county for stray animal admission and provides a safe haven for approximately 1,600 dogs, 600 cats, and assorted livestock during a year.

P.E.T.S. (Providing Essentials for Tehama Shelter), Red Bluff,  is a non-profit dedicated to improving the welfare of  abandoned and homeless animals in Tehama County, and assists the Care Center in completing their mission of providing all animals within its purview good nutrition, compassionate treatment, and prompt veterinary attention.

Second Chance Pet Rescue works exclusively at the Corning Animal Shelter as its caretakers and advocates for the animals housed within, without compensation from the City of Corning.  The City of Corning and Second Chance Pet Rescue work together to provide a safe haven for the dogs found within Corning city limits only.

Deserving Pets Rescue, Red Bluff, is a rescue that provides immediate medical attention and treatment for injured and sick pets in Tehama County that would not thrive in a shelter situation. 

Dynamic Duo Dog Rescue &Transport, Inc., Red Bluff, transports animals from Tehama County to Bay Area rescue organizations, thus increasing the animals’ chances for adoption.

Tehama Wild Care Wildlife, Cottonwood, rescues and rehabilitates injured, sick, or orphaned wildlife in Tehama County.

Northern California Doberman Rescue, Red Bluff, is dedicated to saving abandoned and neglected Doberman Pinschers.

Northern California Border Collie Rescue and Adoptions, Inc., Corning, helps abandoned and mistreated border collies, the majority of which come through animal shelters.

Annie’s Pet Rescue, Cottonwood, focuses on pets that traditional rescues generally will not accept.  They specialize in long term fostering.  

With very little in the way of resources, these organizations help an untold number of animals in our County.  Therefore, I ask that you take a moment to acknowledge these groups and the worthwhile work they do.  If you have adopted a pet from them, let them know how he or she is doing and post a picture to their Facebook page or send it to them.  All will enjoy hearing about how well and happy their former charges are.  

Consider helping them in their endeavors.  If you cannot adopt an animal, then perhaps you can volunteer, foster, or provide transport assistance.  If you cannot donate time, then maybe you could just donate.  All these groups constantly need supplies and many have wish lists of items needed posted on their websites.  Finances are a daily struggle, so every penny contributed, or saved by donated supplies, helps immeasurably.

Finally, also ask friends and family to assist you in applauding the unsung heroes who help make a difference in the lives of the homeless animals in Tehama County.


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