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Lost & Found Pets

 If you have #LOST or #FOUND 
#DOG or #CAT
Please Provide
photo, name (if known), breed, sex, location and town where lost or found, and a contact phone number with area code and/or an email address. 
 THEN Send  the information to:  


We will post on the P.E.T.S. Facebook  page 
to help you find your pet or owner  

Lost and/or Found Pets

Create a “LOST PET” flyer.  Include a clear pet photo, the pet’s name, breed, sex, color, age, weight, any distinguishing features, and at what location and town when he/she was last seen.  Be sure to include a contact phone number with area code and/or an email address.  Create enough copies of the flyer to post in parks, pet stores, convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants and around schools, anywhere large groups of people frequent. 

Create a “FOUND PET” flyer.  Include a description of the animal such as size, sex, color, any distinguishing features.  In addition, include the location and town where the pet was found.  Any information provided will be extremely helpful. Also, include a contact phone number with area code and/or email address.

Local Shelters:  Bring  flyers to post and go to each shelter often to check their most recent intakes.

Tehama County Animal Care Center     
            530 -527-3439, 1830 Walnut St, Red Bluff, CA 96080 
Corning Animal Shelter / Second Chance Pet Rescue 
            530-824-7054, 4312 Rawson Rd., Corning, CA 96021 
Anderson Police Department Animal Services 
            530-378-6624, 2951 McMurry Dr., Anderson , CA 96007 
Haven Humane Society 
            530-241-1653 7449 Eastside Rd., Anderson, CA

Local Veterinary Clinics : Inquire whether an injured animal matching the pets’ description came in.  In addition, ask if posting of flyers is accepted.

Antelope Veterinary Hospital          (530) 527-4522           (85 Belle Mill Rd, Red Bluff, CA 96080)
Corning Veterinary Clinic                 (530) 824-2966           (2023 Solano St., Corning, CA 96021)
Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic         (530) 347-3711           (3917 N. Main, Cottonwood, CA 96022)
Mid-Valley Veterinary Hospital       (530) 865-5634           (4422 Country Rd. N, Orland, CA 95963)
Mill Creek Veterinary Hospital         (530) 384-1700           (8202 State Highway 99E, Los Molinos, CA 96055)
Orland Veterinary Hospital              (530) 865-4478           (1137 8th St, Orland, CA 95963 )
Red Bluff Veterinary Clinic               (530) 527-1886           (445 Luther Rd, Red Bluff, CA 96080)
Valley Veterinary Clinic                    (530) 527-5259           (420 Antelope Blvd, Red Bluff, CA 96080)
Walker Street Veterinary Clinic       (530) 865-3630           (512 Walker St., Orland, CA 95963)

If a stray dog is found:
In the city limits of Red Bluff, call the Red Bluff Police Department                                                            (530-527-3131)
In the city limits of Corning call the Corning Police Department                                                                   (530-824-7000)
Anywhere in Tehama County other than the above call the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office         (530-529-7900 ext. 1)

Use the internet
·         Facebook pages:
                                P.E.T.S.                                                                                 (https://www.facebook.com/PETSTehama)
                                Lost & Found Pets...Northern California!               (https://www.facebook.com/groups/271616759564787/)
                                Pets N Need                                                                      (https://www.facebook.com/groups/petsneed/)
·         Lost and Found Craigslist:
Emergency Pet Locator
Fido Finder, Lost Dog Database 

Be sure to check “FOUND” ads and place a “LOST” ad in daily local newspapers.

As difficult and heartbreaking as searching for a lost pet can be the most important thing to remember is DO NOT LOSE HOPE OR GIVE UP!  Many pets, months or even years after they were lost, have been reunited with their owners.


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